Skinning For a Shoulder Mount.

Dick's Taxidermy has invested years in the field researching and creating skinning methods that produce excellant results in skin and skull care.  We have been full time taxidermist since the early 70"s.  These methods are time tested in some of the harshes conditions in the hunting world.  We have prepared skins in the far northern parts of Canada where tempetures reached 70 degrees below zero.  Hunting in West Africa where tempetures reach 100 plus degreses and then would drop 2 inches of rain.  The humitity would stay over 90 percent and cause skins to become soaking wet.  These conditions cause bacteira to race through the skin causing rot.  Learning how to handle skins in these conditions has pushed us to creat methods that are fool proof.


Learning proper field care should be the most important part of the hunt to our clients.  We have created videos to help guide the hunter through their field care experience.  All of our videos can be found on YouTube at DicksTaxidermy.     

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