Prehunt and Shipping Instructions

Prior to the Hunt
Contact Dick's Taxidermy for your free,  personalized shipping tags to take with you on your hunt.  You will attach one tag to every skin, skull and set of horns. These tags have your info,
Coppersmith Global info,  and Dick's Taxidermy's info to help ease and expedite getting your trophies to us.


For Alaska Hunters
Contact us prior to the hunt so we can provide you with shipping tags and info on skinning details according to the type of mount you wish to complete.


For trophies coming from outside of the U.S.
They will be imported through
Coppersmith Global,  who will contact you directly once they receive them.  You will pay them for their services and then they will expedite the trophies to us.  Coppersmith Global will also assist you with CITES and other import/export paperwork.

Once Dick's Taxidermy receives your trophies,  we will inventory the skins and skulls.  We will make contact letting you know your trophies have arrived at Dick's Taxidermy.  We will then discuss types of mounts and habitat for your pieces.

From there,  we will send a deposit Invoice via Email.  At that time a 50% deposit is required. Your 8-9 month turnaround time will begin as soon as we receive the deposit, instruction and final agreement.


Once Your Trophies are Nearing Completion,  we will send you a final invoice for the remaining 50% balance on your order accompanied by a detailed letter with all of the different shipping options available to you.  Final payment is due within 10 days and must be received before shipping is scheduled.  From there, you Can select the shipping method that you prefer.
We can recommend a shipping procedure,  or we also deliver within a 50 mile radius at no charge if discussed in advance.


NOTICE:  We are no longer accepting trophies from South Africa's Northern Transvaal. These skins are waterbased dipped, and there is a 40% loss due to slippage. Read about the process at Dick's Taxidermy Hunt Report.



           Help With Skins From Africa
This is a great example of poorly handled skins.  These skins were a complete loss.  This can be avoided with a pre-hunt consultation.  These are problems we see each day that do have solutions.  The hunter must be involved with the care of his trophy.  Never trust someone else is looking out for your best interest. 



           Eland Skin With Slippage


This Eland skin slipped due to poor handling in the salting shed.  In Northern Transvaal skins are dipped in a waterbased dipping solution.  This treatment destroys skins by the thousands.  Lack of hunter involvement is the major factor in this practise continuing.

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