About Us

Welcome to Dick’s Taxidermy!

Dick’s Taxidermy is your source for top of the line taxidermy,
tanning of skins, rugs, game heads, mounting of fish, water fowl, and more. Taxidermy is an art form, and Dick’s has been practicing the art of show quality mounts since 1975.

We pride ourselves on quality, professionalism, and great attention to detail in every piece. Each mount is a work of art that captures the essence of a beautiful creature and the memories that are tied to it. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience to execute a mount to the highest of standards and the greatest of details.

We take every piece seriously, from start to finish; we focus on every minute detail to ensure your mount is perfect. We start with high quality professional tanning and include proper anatomy, based upon eye socket width and measurements, mannequin alterations, antler placement and eye set just to name a few. These details and steps take time to execute, but the finished product is well worth the time. We take pride in our finished product and take to heart our motto of ‘quality and elegance in every mount.’

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