Dick’s Taxidermy was started in 1976.  We have been extremely successful in the Taxidermy business.  We have been able to hunt all over the world for big Game animals;   from the tiny Blue Duiker and the most beautiful animal on Earth, The Bongo.  We have taken Mt Goat and Bighorn Sheep at altitudes more than 13,500 ft. and have stalked the Arizona desert for the Ghostly Javelina.  We have been able to experience DIY hunts all throughout Alaska taking trophy Moose, Caribou, Sitka Blacktails, and more. I tell you this because we know many of you out there would also like to experience this in your life time.

The Taxidermy business is the vehicle we used to enable us to hunt at this level.  That said, the key was Discipline within side the business.  Our shop has been setup to perform at the highest capacity of any Taxidermy shop out there today.  We are proud to say our profit margin is second to none.  We have stream lined the process to a point of perfection.  This was because we were very discipline  and most of all, had two partners to consult.  We now run the business and follow these proven rules to the extreme.

We will be working with the new owner for 90 days, explaining every aspect of the process.  This business can be run as a part time or full time process.  Having a co-partner in place will increase availability for the customer. 

We are only responding to serious inquirers, you must have a promissory letter from your bank.  It would help to have some degree in business; however it is not needed, just helps as you move forward.  The Book of Business is what is being sold.

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